How to Build a Kitchen Island

Tools and Materials:

two 30-inch base cabinets
four 1×4 pieces of wood for the toe kick
one countertop
one sheet 1/2″ medium-denstiy fiberboard (MDF) for back panel
40 1-5/8″ screws
cordless drill with battery and magnetic screw tip
measuring tape and pencil


1. Sketch out a plan for your island. This project uses two 30″ cabinets to serve as the base for the island. This will make a 24″ x 60″ base that is topped with a 39″ x 73″ butcher-block counter. The bigger top provides an overhang on the back and on one of the sides so there will be room for bar stools.


2. Assemble the cabinets according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Build the toe-kick as a separate box measuring 21″ x 54″.


4. Set the toe kick box into place in the kitchen and attach it to the floor using L brackets. This will make it safer so it won’t tip over. If you have a tile floor in the kitchen, insert the screws into grout lines to avoid damaging tiles. If you decide to remove the island later, you can fill in the holes with grout.

5. Set the cabinets on the toe kick box and secure them with screws. Also, secure the cabinets to one another using screws.

6. Set the counter on the cabinets. On the door side, you want a 1-1/2 ” overhang. There will be about 15 inches hanging over on the back side.


7. Attach the counter by screwing up through the cabinet using 1-5/8″ screws.

8. Attach the doors using the included hardware.

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